Bear Hunt

Experience archery and rifle hunting for black and off coloured bear in a 200 square mile prime bear management area. We have a limit of 12 hunters per season with a success rate of 100%.


Each hunter receives 2 guaranteed active bait sites within half hour of camp. We start pre-baiting the first week of July in order to get to know the bears at the site. On your arrival we will show you sites that are available and help set you up.

The hunt

Baits are set 10-20 yards for archery and some areas are further for rifle hunting. The majority of the bears are harvested late afternoon, early evening. Sows with cubs are not taken – an alternate stand will be provided.

Once you get your bear our guides will help you in retrieving and skinning. We have freezer service for your meat and hide. We can also arrange for processing services.

Moose Hunt

(Archery Only)

We offer fully guided moose hunts in WMU 9B.  Hunting methods vary from spot and stalk, calling and knowledge we gather when we are baiting for the bear hunt.

Hunting moose during the rut is an adrenaline rush when you come face to face with these majestic animals.

We have a limited number of moose tags available so book early for your next hunting trip.



Trophy White Tail Deer Hunt

(Please see photo gallery for hunting pictures)

Our white tail deer hunts take place from our main camp, 45 miles north of Fort Frances and 75 miles south of Dryden, on Hwy 502.

We offer both guided and non-guided hunts. All hunts in 9B must be guided. 9A is situated 10 miles north of camp and guides are not required, but available because of the vast area.