Sept/10   We have been coming to Timber Wolf Lodge for several years now in the spring and for the last couple years have added a fall trip.  We have had as many as 20 guys at one time but usually 8 guys make the trip.  The cleanliness of the cabins and quality of fishing, including access to several other lakes has made this the best spot we have found in Canada for the money.  The hospitality and help given by Ted and Lorna has been truly appreciated.  I recently recommended the lodge to some other guys who were also very pleased to find excellent fishing even in the middle of summer.  Looking forward to the next visit.   Gary from Hampton, IL

Sept/10   We wanted to thank you for all the wonderful trips we have had at Timber Wolf Lodge.  The lake trout fishing, especially in the winter, has always been great.  More importantly - your hospitality, fishing advice, communicating weather/ice conditions and making sure we have everything we need has always been exceptionally good.  We also appreciate the friendship that has developed over the years and look forward to many more successful trips.   Mike from Cloquet, MN

Sept/10   I enjoy fishing in Canada, the problem I have is like the problem a lot of people have: time and money.  I have little of either.  The Timber Wolf Lodge can't solve my time issues, but it is a wonderful solution to my money issues.  You simply can't find a better value anywhere in Canada.  Every person I've ever encountered that is familiar with the Timber Wolf Lodge has said the same thing.  It's the very best deal you can get.  Ted and Lorna Brown are wonderfully accommodating.  They treat you like family from the time you arrive till the time you leave.  Winkle Lake is more than just a great place to fish.  The scenery is absolutely breathtaking.  I have dozens of bald eagle photos most of them shot from surprising close distances which is rare for that bird.  During my yearly visits I find that I always leave with a healing of mind, body and soule.  This place is amazing and I highly recommend it.  I guarantee that once you get settled in your very private cabin you won't want to leave.  I also recommend the sauna very early in your experience.  Don't wait till the end and then discover what you have been missing.  do yourself a favor.  Go and stay as long as you possibly can.  You'll fall in love with the place, I guarantee it!   Dave from Kankakee, IL


Aug/10   Timber Wolf Lodge is a great place to spent time fishing.  The fishing is great on Winkle Lake and all the surrounding waters.  It's a great place to come with family and friends for a quiet and peaceful time away from the hustle and bustle of the workday world.  Our family has been coming back since the early 1980's.  We recommend this to anyone who loves to fish.    Dennis & Doris from /Emerald, WI

Aug/10   I want to thank you again for the incredible time I had there.  It truly was a dream come true.  I hope to someday bring my family there.   Dan from Mason City, IL

Aug/10   I have been staying at Timber Wolf Lodge for 22 years.  It has great fishing on Winkle Lake and the surrounding waters for all species you might want to fish for.  Just one hour from the border makes it easy to get to.  You don't want to overlook this "Little Gem".  The new owners, Ted and Lorna, are very accommodating hosts and have made many improvements in the few years they have owned it.  It's a MUST TRY Place to go.   Dave from Markesaw, WI

June/13   Had another great week at Timber Wolf Lodge with Ted & Lorna.  This was my 25th week I've stayed here, the fishing is great and always a great stay.  Jeremy

June/13   Friendly owners, friendly 4 legged family members - Thor, Colby and Jada.  Land is beautiful, love the rustic cabins we stay in.   Stanzel family 

June/14  Thank you for an awesome trip!  You went out of your way to accomodate us.  You were very honest and straight forward, both very noble qualities.  Thanks again for moving boat and providing firewood for us to split.  We hope to see you again someday.  You have (arguably) the best small mouth lake in Canada.  Thank you again very much.    Ben and family from Orion/IL.

June/14   Well it doesn't seem like it's been a week since we go home, wow.  Wanted to drop a line and thank you for your hospitality and Ted for taking me out on the lake fishing and showing me some places to try.  We enjoyed our cabin, best equipped cabin I've been in, and the use of your boat. l Also the outing with Allan was fun.  Take care and hope to see you next year and will check with you to see how your hunting went.  Tom & Marilyn from Dunlap,IL

 March/14  Most friendly, accommdating, more bang for your buck lodge I have been to in Ontario.  You are treated like family there, are there to help you make your hunting and fishing experience unforgetable.  Thank you Ted and Lorna for all the great experiences.  See you this Spring.   Stock

December/14  If you are looking for an excellent moose hunt I recommend looking at Timber Wolf Lodge.  They are great people and offer hunts at a good price.  Chad/Fort Frances