Bear Hunt
Experience archery and rifle hunting for black bear in a 200square mile prime bear management area. Our management area has a high chance of harvesting a coloured bear let alone a big one. Limited space, please call for availability.

Each hunter receives 2 guaranteed active bait sites that have not been hunted by another hunter within half hour of camp. We start pre-baiting 2 weeks before hunter arrives. On your arrival, we will show you your sites and pics of bears that are there. Due to insurance and liability reasons we ask you to bring your own tree stand. Our guides will still do a lot of the grunt work in setting it up but you will be responsible for the final securing and placement.

The Hunt
Our hunts our done off-of the lakes and land. We manage our area and try to hunt new spots all the time and year to year, to keep the bears off guard. The hunts normally take place late afternoon until dark. If bears say other wise on cameras that we have watching the baits we will sit in the morning. Most placements of baits our set at 15 to 30 yards from stands. Sow with cubs is prohibited to shoot. If a sow and cubs show up at a bait site, we will move you immediately to a new location. Once successful in shooting a bear we will clean, retrieve, skin and process it for you.

A wounded animal is considered a dead animal. Be sure of your shot.

Moose Hunt

We offer fully guided moose hunts in WMU 9B and 9A.  Hunting methods vary from spot and stalk, calling and knowledge we have gathered when we are baiting for the bear hunts earlier in season.
Hunting moose during the rut is an adrenaline rush when you come face to face with these majestic animals. Hunt 1 on 1 with an experienced guide or to cut cost, choose to party hunt.

A wounded animal is considered a dead animal. Be sure of your shot.

Trophy White Tail Deer Hunt
We offer both private land and crown land hunts.

- The private land hunts take place 1 hour west of camp in a more agricultural area at a hunting trailer that we have there on 1200 acers of land. Take a total of 4 hunters there a year to keep the success rate higher. Either take 2 hunters each week or one week of 4 so your group will be the only one hunting the area at the time. It’s nice to be able to hunt and have the place to yourselves!

- Hunts done out of the main camp our done on the crown land in the surrounding area of 9A and 9B. Your guide will take you out in the morning to a spot that he has scouted out ahead of time. Be prepared to walk a bit to get to some of the locations to avoid the hunting pressure close to the roads. We recommend sitting for the whole day if possible to increase your chances. The guide and hunter will have hand held radios to keep in contact since there is no cell service in the area we hunt. Once successful, the guide will retrieve the animal and take care of the animal for you. Keep in mind that due to vast area and range we have two spots picked out per hunter and recommend sitting the same ones all week as it takes the animals awhile to due their rounds. You may not see a lot of deer at times, but your chances of seeing that one!!!!! Is a lot higher. If you’re a guy that likes to move around a lot, then we our probably not the place for you.

A wounded animal is considered a dead animal. Be sure of your shot.

Wolf Hunts
This is becoming a favourite among many hunters to come and try and out smart the best hunter in the woods THE TIMBER WOLF. The population is on a real high, so now is the time to do it!

Our wolf hunts our done in late February and early March when the wolves our packed up and getting real hungry from the long winter. The bait sites will be baited 6 to 8 weeks ahead of time and have cameras monitoring their movements. The guide will take you out in morning to your ground blind for the day which is heated with a portable heater for those extra chilly mornings. Once there, you will be there for the day or until a wolf is shot. The guide will take care of skinning out the wolf. Truly a beautiful time of year to hunt when nothing else is going on. With the way we have the pricing for the hunt, its truly an incentive for the guide to get you a wolf. Take minimum of 2 hunters at a time and maximum of 6 hunters for the year.

A wounded animal is considered a dead animal. Be sure of your shot.

Ontario Hunting Regulations
Canadian Non-Resident Firearm Declaration